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Painting: Painting of pink roses in a brass bowl Photographs P-114
Photo: 11TH Michigan Cavalry 1892 Photographs P-30
Photo: 1910 Class party at the Grace Hitchcock home Photographs P-236
Photo: 1910 L.H.S. class ready for a picnic Photographs P-56
Photo: 1ST High School on the corner of Ludington and James Street Photographs P-57
Photo: 1st home of John Osborn Photographs P-289
Photo: 1ST Methodist Church, Ludington,MI. Photographs P-250
Photo: 2 men standing in a shoe and fabric store Photographs P-139
Photo: 2 similiar photos of kids, Lincoln Valley School Photographs P-255
Photo: 312 N. Robert St. May 1901 Photographs P-242
Photo: 8TH Grade group photo at Longfellow School Photographs P-125
Photo: ABC Milwaukee, Wisc. 1952 Photographs P-206
Photo: Abe Nelson in his workshop Photographs P-164
Photo: Abe Nelson with Lumber Camp reproductions 1973 Photographs P-205
Photo: Abrahamson-Nerheim Co. Photographs P-84
Photo: Anne and Ella Mendelsohn Photographs P-165
Photo: Asa Hopkins Family, lumbering days in Fountain Photographs P-223
Photo: Asa Tomkins Family, lumbering days in Fountain Photographs P-227
Photo: Asa Tomkins Family, lumbering days in Fountain Photographs P-226
Photo: Augustine Edwin Smith 1837-1916 Photographs P-246
Photo: Baseball game at Culver Park, grain elevator in background Photographs P-175
Photo: Battery A 1ST Michigan Field Artillery in camp 1907 Photographs P-25
Photo: Big Point Sable Photographs P-221
Photo: Big snow storm, Ludington Ave. About 1897 Photographs P-269
Photo: Bishop Cranston, Epworth, Ludington,MI Photographs P-201
Photo: Board of Supervisor's of Mason County 1914-15 Photographs P-23
Photo: Boys of '98 dressed in suits and hats Photographs P-196
Photo: Business College classroom, Ludington Photographs P-234
Photo: Busy Big Store built in 1888 Photographs P-188
Photo: Busy Big Store Eve. of May 1, 1893 Photographs P-186
Photo: Butter's Mill Photographs P-279
Photo: Butter's Mill 1909 Photographs P-146
photo: Buttersville 1900's Photographs P-145
Photo: Buttersville in the 1890s Photographs P-75
Photo: Carferries St. Ignace and Mackinaw City 2 photos Photographs P-72
Photo: Carl Meyer as a young boy Photographs P-262
Photo: Carron Baseball Club 1913 Photographs P-183
Photo: Cartier Lumber Mill-Blacksmith shop Photographs P-135
Photo: Charles and Sarah Barckley farm in Summit Township Photographs P-89
Photo: Class in Citizenship, Ludington,MI. 1918-19 Photographs P-190
Photo: Coast Guard Station circa 1906 Photographs P-66
Photo: Colonel Steere and wife at Cole's Circus Photographs P-244
Photo: Confirmation class of 1905 from St. John's Lutheran Church Photographs P-53
Photo: Congregational Church Choir group photo 1890 Photographs P-128
Photo: Cooper's Shop at Buttersville Photographs P-74
Photo: Corner of Rath and Ludington Ave. Photographs P-239
Photo: Custer Woodenware Factory (Brayman Pin Factory) Photographs P-185
Photo: D. Olney residence at 703 E. Ludington Ave. Photographs P-88
Photo: Danish Lutheran Church young people's class 1910-12 Photographs P-130
Photo: Darr School, Lois Kinnie teacher Photographs P-117
Photo: Delos Holmes 1828-1900 and Mary E. Bonn 1837-1912 Photographs P-111
Photo: Dowland Family and residence 1889 Photographs P-174
Photo: Dowland Family Aug. 1889 Photographs P-177
Photo: Dowland Family photo Aug. 31, 1899 Photographs P-170
Photo: Dowland residence in the late 80s Photographs P-297
Photo: Drach's Dry Goods Store on Ludington Avenue Photographs P-198
Photo: Duck pond looking S. on Staffon St. Photographs P-285
Photo: E.B. Ward's Railway, Lake Co. Photographs P-207
Photo: E.B. Ward's South Mill 1893 Photographs P-137
Photo: Early Ludington harbor about 1900 Photographs P-86
Photo: Ed Caswell home at 406 N. Charles St, now Rath Ave. Photographs P-270
Photo: Eddurn residence at 707 E. Danaher St. Ludington,MI Photographs P-268
Photo: Electa Babcock Gordon and Fanny. E. Gordon Photographs P-182
Photo: Emma May Sheban 8 months Photographs P-243
Photo: Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Ludington group photo mid 1920s Photographs P-204
Photo: F.&P.M. Steamer 1 Photographs P-71
Photo: Fairview School Photographs P-144
Photo: Fairview School Photographs P-126
Photo: Family of Joshua and Malitta Wright in Amber Township on Stiles Road Photographs P-193
Photo: Ferry terminal at St. Ignace or Mackinaw City, MI Photographs P-73
Photo: First Boerner building on South James Street Photographs P-94
Photo: First salt wells in Ludington 1896 Photographs P-155
Photo: Fisher's Store in Custer Photographs P-83
Photo: Flint and P.M. Railway Elevator and Wharves at Ludington,Michigan 1881 Photographs P-136
Photo: Flora-Dora Club of Ludington 3 pictures Photographs P-38
Photo: Floral arrangement and American flag 1900 Photographs P-197
Photo: Football Champions '06 N. Michigan group photo Photographs P-123
Photo: Forslind building Insurance office Photographs P-290
Photo: Foster School 1906 Photographs P-232
Photo: Freeman Smith Photographs P-247
Photo: French School, class of 1894 Photographs P-54
Photo: Gas light tower at Ludington breakwater Photographs P-79
Photo: Gathering at Mrs. Latimer's garden Photographs P-180
Photo: George McClatchie Farm Photographs P-48
Photo: George McClatchie in his peach orchard 1864 Photographs P-168
Photo: Gillen School in Carr Settlement about 1899 Photographs P-118
Photo: Grace Tilson Smith Photographs P-245
Photo: Grande Point Au Sable Photographs P-212
Photo: Grandma Butler, at 302 S. Harrison St, Ludington,MI Photographs P-292
Photo: Group photo at ME Church, Summit 1913-15 Photographs P-55
Photo: Gustave Klemm farm in 1910 Photographs P-93
Photo: Henry M. Hallett Mayor 1922-23 Photographs P-176
Photo: Hotel Epworth Ludington, MI Photographs P-42
Photo: Inger Andersen Parker, 8 others, Lincoln Valley School 1914 Photographs P-263
Photo: J.A. Benson Meat Market July 4, 1898 Photographs P-240
Photo: James Gavan Family 601 E. Filer St. Photographs P-178
Photo: James Morton home in Riverton 1880 Photographs P-293
Photo: Janitor's house where St. Simon's Convent is Photographs P-272
Photo: January class L.H.S. 1934 Photographs P-119
Photo: Joseph Sahlmark Photographs P-277

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