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A Christmas Card photo of palm trees and mountains and homes visible Photographs P2537
A consist of Stearns Salt & Lumber Co cars in rail yard Photographs P-10425
A sketch of Charles Mears Photographs P1169
Adams & Co. General Store Photographs P5926
Alice Olsen Photographs P-10318
Andersen Christmas Tree Farm Photographs P-666
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10462
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10463
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10464
Ann Arbor Engine No 6 color photo Armament & Military P-10522
Arial Photo of White Pine Village Photographs P-10849
Arial Photo of White Pine Village Photographs P-10846
B&W photo of train and logs Photographs P-10006
Backside of crane with three men loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10484
Banquet esolanade Hotel, Hamburg for Hon. Jas. Gerard Photographs P2529
Black & White photo of Deon Quintuplets. Photographs P2597
Camp living quarters Photographs P-10439
Camp living quarters Photographs P-10435
canoe on Epworth beach Document Boxes P-6529
Christmas - colored photo-card of City of Midland carferry Photographs P-10636
Christmas 1976-77 at Historic White Pine Village Photographs P-2894
City Park fountain Photographs P-5937
Collage of photos showing Culver Mich Photographs P-10441
Collage of Stearns of Camp No 2 Photographs P-10446
Crane and 4 men loading logs Photographs P-10481
Crane and 4 men loading logs Photographs P-10482
Crane and 5 men in lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10397
Crane and 9 men and 8 horses bringing logs into loading yard Photographs P-10486
Crane and 9 men loading logs Photographs P-10485
Crane and engine and 3 men working loading logs Photographs P-10432
Crane and men in lumber yard Photographs P-10396
Crane loading/unloading logs (Stearns lumber camp) Photographs P-10394
Crane on tracks with two men Photographs P-10401
Crane with four men and four horses loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10480
Crane with four men loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10483
Crane, 5 men, and horses in Stearns lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10399
Crane, 7 men in Stearns lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10400
Crane, 9 men, and 2 horses in lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10398
Crane, men, and horses in lumber yard Photographs P-10395
Dam going out Luther Mich, May 7, 1910 by Clark Photographs P-10403
Dennison Family Photograph on the farm Photographs P--10327
digital color photo of dedication of Pere Marquette shrine-1955 Photographs P7142
digital color photo of Pere Marquette cross site in 1954 Photographs P7143
E.B. Ward's North Mill on Pere Marquette Lake Photographs P-2030
E.B. Ward's South Mill Photographs P-2305
E.B. Ward's South Mill 1873 Photographs P-2304
Eight men standing on walk plank over log pond Photographs P-10451
EJ&SRR Engine 8 with engineer at controls Armament & Military P-10521
Engine 19 Armament & Military P-10531
Engine 24 with engineer and two other men Armament & Military P-10530
Engine No 1 at Stearns Headquarters Camp Photographs P-10471
Engine No 18 Photographs P-10460
Engine No 18 with coal car Photographs P-10461
Evaporator boiling sap and turning it into maple syrup being monitored Photographs P10544
Evaporator boiling sap being monitored Photographs P10543
Family Portrait - father, mother and son. Photographs P-10187
Finished maple syrup being poured into a container Photographs P10545
Finishing equipment used in making maple syrup Photographs P10546
Five men and a dog on ramp leading into rail car Photographs P-10418
Five men four horses by crane in treeless field Photographs p-10490
Forty four (?) men and 2 dogs Photographs P-10420
Four man posing in snowshoes Photographs P-10409
Four men and horse with log Photographs P-10512
Four men in front of large building Photographs P-10452
Four men standing in front of a rail car Photographs P-10408
Four men with two-man long saw Photographs P-10449
Fruit Farming Photographs P-3592
Gathering maple sap tanks of Kistlercrest Farm Photographs P10551
Gathering the maple sap Photographs P10549
Group of lumbermen Photographs P-10442
Group of lumbermen Photographs P-10447
Group of lumbermen at Camp III Photographs P-10443
Group photo of 50 or more men and a dog on front of Stearns Salt & Lumber Co C 10 Photographs P-10424
Group photo of many horses and loggers Photographs P-10500
Group photo of men and horses at O'Lairy Camp Photographs P-10428
Group photo of men and horses in woods Photographs P-10507
Group photo of men and horses in woods Photographs P-10508
Group photo of men by rail car Photographs P-10515
Group photo of men with horses Photographs P-10505
Hamlin Dam - Missing from File Photographs P-382
Hammering in spike into tree Photographs P10540
Horses and man with log wheels Photographs P-10517
Horses and men with log wheels Photographs P-10516
Horses and men with log wheels Photographs P-10518
Infant portrait. Clarence Horace Hitchcock. Photographs P-10098
Interior of Dining Car Camp 3 Stearns Photographs P-10444
Jack Stearns and dog Photographs P-10413
Jack Stearns and dog on stump on logged area Photographs p-10492
Jack W. Cartier Jr. Photographs P3705
John O. Cartier Photographs P3710
Johnson Family Photograph Photographs P--10316
Johnson Family Portrait Photographs P--10312
Johnson Family Portrait - copy Photographs P--10313
Johnson Wedding Picture Photographs P--10314
Justus S Stearns Photographs P-10334a
Justus Stearns Photographs P893 A,B
Keith Swarthout Photographs P-10002
L&N Engine 27 Armament & Military P-10529
Lake Lincoln from Mt. Epworth Photographs P-2036
Laurel F. Swarthout Photographs P-10003

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