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1st cruiser built by Gile Boat Co. Photographs P-315
Photo: 2 J.K. Olmstead photos Photographs P-303
Photo: 2 photos from None-Such-Camp Photographs P-350
Photo: 4 pictures of south breakwall being built 1910 Photographs P-370
Photo: Arthur C. Clausen inside Anderson's Hardware Store 1913 Photographs P-331
Photo: Arthur Cross residence at 305 N. Harrison St. 1937 Photographs P-301
Photo: B.J. Goodsell & Co. Photographs P-332
Photo: Blodgett Sugar Bush 1898 Photographs P-327
Photo: Britton's Meat Market Photographs P-309
Photo: Burkhardt and Christensen block 201 S. James St. 1887 Photographs P-328
Photo: Butter's Lumber Mill Photographs P-373
Photo: Buttersville Store and Office Photographs P-311
Photo: C.T. Cadwell-Drugs, Groceries 1890s Photographs P-323
Photo: Camp built 1898 Photographs P-394
Photo: Celea McCourt and her mother 1888 Photographs P-347
Photo: Charles Dahn house, built in 1862 Photographs P-353
Photo: City Park in Ludington Photographs P-316
Photo: Coopers at Stearns, Cooper Shop about 1900 Photographs P-346
Photo: Cratland & Co. Grocers Photographs P-334
Photo: Custer, MI about 1900 Photographs P-337
Photo: Double Brick Store, 1ST building in 4TH Ward Photographs P-360
Photo: Dr. and Sylvia Martin's residence Photographs P-378
Photo: Dr. Latimer's Drug Store Photographs P-352
Photo: Dr. Latimer's Drug Store 1890 Photographs P-364
Photo: E.B. Ward's Cottages at the south mill Photographs P-389
Photo: Early Ludington Avenue, view from Elks looking West Photographs P-396
Photo: East End Whist Club at the Culver residence Photographs P-335
Photo: Elmer Abrahamson Grocery Store 1920 Photographs P-343
Photo: Ewing Carriage Works at W. Loomis St. 1890s Photographs P-306
Photo: F.& P.M. 3 at Grain Elevator in 1889 Photographs P-318
Photo: Fred Buffenbarger's Camp photo about 1900 Photographs P-320
Photo: H.K. Hansen Grocery on Dowland St. Photographs P-307
Photo: Henry Shagway cabin Photographs P-358
Photo: Heysett's Drug Store about 1892 Photographs P-366
Photo: Horses hitched to a load of logs Photographs P-310
Photo: Ice cutting on Lincoln Lake 1902 Photographs P-338
Photo: Ice Harvest Photographs P-355
Photo: Ice wagon Photographs P-300
Photo: King's Canyon, August 1889 Photographs P-336
Photo: Knebl's Dye Works Ludington, MI Photographs P-322
Photo: Kozy Inn Tavern Photographs P-312
Photo: Kroger Store Ludington Michigan Photographs P-367
Photo: Latimer House 701 E. Ludington Avenue Photographs P-399
Photo: Latimer House 701 E. Ludington Avenue, Nov. 12, 1918 Photographs P-398
Photo: Lina Cole's Lumber Camp at Millerton about 1920 Photographs P-357
Photo: Lincoln City 1897 Photographs P-339
Photo: Ludington after fire June 11, 1881 Photographs P-372
Photo: Ludington Ave. before 1900 Photographs P-380
Photo: Ludington Avenue Christmas Eve 1941 Photographs P-362
Photo: Ludington Avenue looking W. from North of James St. 1872 Photographs P-354
Photo: Ludington Avenue Memorial Day 1884 Photographs P-375
Photo: Ludington Coast Guard Crew 1930 Photographs P-377
Photo: Ludington Gas Co. Wagon Photographs P-319
Photo: Ludington Library Photographs P-374
Photo: Ludington Lighthouse covered in ice Photographs P-393
Photo: Ludington Lumber Co. Saw Mill 1872 Photographs P-342
Photo: Ludington snow storm 1897 Photographs P-363
Photo: Lunde & Sheldon Store at 307 S. James St. Photographs P-329
Photo: Magnuson's Drug Store 1898 Photographs P-326
Photo: Marshall Butters cottage 1911 Photographs P-304
Photo: McDonald Hotel and Reader's Hardware in Custer Photographs P-351
Photo: Meat Market South James Street Photographs P-340
Photo: Mergesell building Photographs P-368
Photo: Milliner Store on South James St. Photographs P-381
Photo: Old Boerner building at 310 S. James St. Photographs P-321
Photo: Old Fairgrounds Photographs P-365
Photo: Old S. Custer Bridge Photographs P-308
Photo: P.M. 15 in ice at Ludington,MI. Photographs P-390
Photo: P.M. Carferry 18 Photographs P-341
Photo: P.M. Lumber Co. Salt Handling crew 1896 Photographs P-345
Photo: P.M. Lumber Co., Filer House, and Farrell Hotel 1870 Photographs P-305
Photo: P.M. Steamer #3 Photographs P-314
Photo: Park Dairy looking East Photographs P-369
Photo: Pere Marquette Hotel Photographs P-395
Photo: Pin Mill in Custer Photographs P-325
Photo: Piney Ridge Hotel Photographs P-383
Photo: PM 15 1905 Photographs P-324
Photo: PM 21 winter crossing Photographs P-313
Photo: PM 32 covered in ice, Armistice Day Storm 1940 Photographs P-386
Photo: Pres. Library Board presenting a ceiling projector Photographs P-349
Photo: Rasmus Rasmussen's Lakeview House Photographs P-344
Photo: Robert Pratt residence on E. Ludington Ave. Photographs P-302
Photo: Sahlmark Drug Store, 301 S. James St. Photographs P-361
Photo: Sahlmark's Soda Fountain, Ludington,MI Photographs P-359
Photo: Schooner "Our Son" Photographs P-317
Photo: Skylight for J.C. Olsen store Photographs P-397
Photo: State road bridge collapse July 23,1922 Photographs P-384
Photo: Stearn's Camp in the Fall 1906 Photographs P-356
Photo: Summit Township, looking West from the cemetery Photographs P-391
Photo: Tug W.L.Mercereau in Ludington Photographs P-388
Photo: Uncle Charlie Harley tractor 1912 Photographs P-330
Photo: V. Roussin's Drug Store Photographs P-333
Photo: VanBenschoten's New York Store at 217 S. James St. Photographs P-387
Photo: William McVicker's Grocery Wagon Photographs P-392
Woman portrait photo Photographs P-10918

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