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Anna Mendolsein Photographs P3535
#8 Boat of the P.M. Steamer Line Photographs P1322
1st National Bank of Ludington Photographs P0471
A Christmas Card photo of palm trees and mountains and homes visible Photographs P2537
A consist of Stearns Salt & Lumber Co cars in rail yard Photographs P-10425
A sketch of Charles Mears Photographs P1169
Adams & Co. General Store Photographs P5926
Alice Olsen Photographs P-10318
Andersen Christmas Tree Farm Photographs P-666
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10462
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10463
Ann Arbor Engine No 1612 Photographs P-10464
Ann Arbor Engine No 6 color photo Photographs P-10522
Anna Mendolsein Photographs P3534
Arial Photo of White Pine Village Photographs P-10849
Arial Photo of White Pine Village Photographs P-10846
B&W photo of train and logs Photographs P-10006
Backside of crane with three men loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10484
Banquet esolanade Hotel, Hamburg for Hon. Jas. Gerard Photographs P2529
Berry patch and shed are visible, Summit Photographs P0649
Black & White photo of Deon Quintuplets. Photographs P2597
Bonser's Market Photographs P0469
Browne Brothers Photographs P1545
Butter's Camp on MORR Photographs P2271
C&O Carferry Under Construction Photographs P5772
Camp living quarters Photographs P-10439
Camp living quarters Photographs P-10435
canoe on Epworth beach Document Boxes: Archives P-6529
Carferry Badger Photographs P1964
Carferry Pere Marquette at No.1 slip Photographs P1908
Christmas - colored photo-card of City of Midland carferry Photographs P-10636
Christmas 1976-77 at Historic White Pine Village Photographs P-2894
City of Saginaw Photographs P5777
City Park fountain Photographs P-5937
Collage of photos showing Culver Mich Photographs P-10441
Collage of Stearns of Camp No 2 Photographs P-10446
Construction of the boat A.M. Beyers Photographs P2278
Crane and 4 men loading logs Photographs P-10481
Crane and 4 men loading logs Photographs P-10482
Crane and 5 men in lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10397
Crane and 9 men and 8 horses bringing logs into loading yard Photographs P-10486
Crane and 9 men loading logs Photographs P-10485
Crane and engine and 3 men working loading logs Photographs P-10432
Crane and men in lumber yard Photographs P-10396
Crane loading/unloading logs (Stearns lumber camp) Photographs P-10394
Crane on tracks with two men Photographs P-10401
Crane with four men and four horses loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10480
Crane with four men loading logs onto rail car Photographs P-10483
Crane, 5 men, and horses in Stearns lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10399
Crane, 7 men in Stearns lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10400
Crane, 9 men, and 2 horses in lumber yard with logs Photographs P-10398
Crane, men, and horses in lumber yard Photographs P-10395
Dam going out Luther Mich, May 7, 1910 by Clark Photographs P-10403
Dan Rathsack with Doug and Maye Farley Photographs P1495
Daniel Dastick WWI Photographs P1245
Dennis Scheffender Photographs P0544
Dennison Family Photograph on the farm Photographs P--10327
digital color photo of dedication of Pere Marquette shrine-1955 Photographs P7142
digital color photo of Pere Marquette cross site in 1954 Photographs P7143
Dionned Quintuplets Photographs P3542
E.B. Ward's North Mill on Pere Marquette Lake Photographs P-2030
E.B. Ward's South Mill Photographs P-2305
E.B. Ward's South Mill 1873 Photographs P-2304
Eight men standing on walk plank over log pond Photographs P-10451
EJ&SRR Engine 8 with engineer at controls Photographs P-10521
Ella Mendolsein Photographs P3531
Ella Mendolsein Photographs P3532
Emma La Fleur Photographs P3090
Engine 19 Photographs P-10531
Engine 24 with engineer and two other men Photographs P-10530
Engine No 1 at Stearns Headquarters Camp Photographs P-10471
Engine No 18 Photographs P-10460
Engine No 18 with coal car Photographs P-10461
Epworth North Beach Photographs P2922
Evaporator boiling sap and turning it into maple syrup being monitored Photographs P10544
Evaporator boiling sap being monitored Photographs P10543
Family on porch Photographs P2117
Family Portrait - father, mother and son. Photographs P-10187
Finished maple syrup being poured into a container Photographs P10545
Finishing equipment used in making maple syrup Photographs P10546
Fishing Shacks near Harbor Photographs P5771
Five men and a dog on ramp leading into rail car Photographs P-10418
Five men four horses by crane in treeless field Photographs p-10490
footbridge at Ludington State Park Photographs P2665
Forty four (?) men and 2 dogs Photographs P-10420
Four man posing in snowshoes Photographs P-10409
Four men and horse with log Photographs P-10512
Four men in front of large building Photographs P-10452
Four men standing in front of a rail car Photographs P-10408
Four men with two-man long saw Photographs P-10449
Franklin B. Pierce Sr Photographs P0786
Freesoil Postoffice Photographs P4798
Fruit Farming Photographs P-3592
Gathering maple sap tanks of Kistlercrest Farm Photographs P10551
Gathering the maple sap Photographs P10549
Goldie Brown Photographs P1235
Grace (Anderson) Brownrigg Photographs P0714
Great Grandmother Barber, Mother of Grandmother Brown Photographs P1589
Great Lakes Tug Superior, Carferry S.S. City of Flint 32 and Tug Laurena C. Turner Photographs P2400
Group of lumbermen Photographs P-10442

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