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Smith, Frederick Dale Jr. and DeVries, Linda Beth Weddings October 9, 2007
Abair, Albert and Walsh, Mary Weddings February 10, 1887
Abbe, Paul James and DuPerron, Kristine Michelle Weddings June 17, 1995
Abbe, Paul James and DuPerron, Kristine Michelle WWII Artifact September 12, 1995
Abel, Kenneth E. and Lange, Lynda Weddings May 27, 1988
Aberegg, David Michael and Schneider, Megan Hawley Weddings April 25. 2000
Abrahamso, Clayton G. and Rubin, Maria Theresa C. Weddings February 12, 1991
Abramowski, Michael J. and Gajewski, Julie A. Weddings October 14, 1988
Acker, Jason Frederick-Arey and Purple, Kerri Marie Weddings January 3, 2003
Adamczak, Brian Joseph and Miller, Bonnie Kay Weddings October 1, 1987
Adams, Bruce Patrick and Deel, Amy Kristen Weddings June 19, 1999 and December 14, 1999
Adams, Craig and Merskin, Mary Weddings June 25, 1991
Adams, David and Snyder, Angela Weddings December 21, 1999
Adams, Jeffery John and Brown, Patricia Ann Weddings July 18, 1990
Adams, Rick and Fulker, Samantha Weddings September 6, 2005
Adamski, Larry and Lokovich, Barbara Weddings October 24, 1989
Aerts, Chad D. and Alt, Marsha D. Weddings August 22, 1998
Agar, William and Erickon, Mira Weddings February 10, 1887
Ahistrom, Leander and Mattson, Edla J. Weddings March 4, 1886
Albaitis, Thomas James and Lathers, Michelle Lynn Weddings November 14, 2000
Alberts, Michael Tt. and Gaffney, Karen Marie Weddings August 7, 2001
Albrecht, Alan and VanHaaften, Kara Weddings October 26, 2004
Albrecht, Edward Joseph Jr. and Cappello, Denise Michelle Weddings June 23, 1992
Albrecht, Willaim J. and Kelly, Kathryn Weddings May 10, 1950 and May 23, 1950
Alderink, Paul J. and Prins, Doris J. Weddings August 1, 1950
Alexander, Mark R. and Hindman, Anita L. Weddings November 11, 1995
Alexander, Mark R. and Shorts, Dana J. Weddings September 22, 1992
Alexander, Scott David and Rotta, Kimberly Dionne Weddings July 27, 1988
Alfred, Donald and Gnatkowski, Kathy Weddings July 16, 2013
Allard, Allen D. and eller, Kelli J. Weddings December 28, 1993
Allard, Jean B. and Roach, Henrietta Weddings February 10, 1887
Allard, Robert James, Jr. and Bransdorfer, Eliabeth Ann Weddings June 23, 1987
Allard, Steve and Ricklefs, Michelle Weddings November 3, 1992
Allard, Thomas and Padron, Cynthia Weddings August 29, 1985
Allen, James Scott and Metevich, Amanda Margaret Weddings February 12, 1991
Allen, John R. and Budreau, Kathleen Marie Weddings February 23, 1970
Allen, Marcus and Snay, Shauna Weddings August 28,2010
Allen, Ryan Wayne and Dodson, Callie Marie Weddings August 8, 1997
Allen, W. Frank and Ford, Cynthia Weddings July 11, 1970
Alley, Aaron, and Pfleeger, Jennifer Weddings August 15, 1998
Allison, Brian and Wolf, Hillary Weddings August 29, 2010
Alter,Elwin Oscar and Cluver, Lelah Weddings February 7, 1912
Alvesteffer, Chris and Taylor, Lexi Weddings December 23, 2008
Alvesteffer, Jacob Leigh and Baker, Crystal Marie Weddings June 9, 2009
Alvesteffer, Joseph and Negel, Teresa Rogert Josephine Weddings June 9, 2009
Alway, Richard Glenn and Glosson, Toni Rachelle Weddings November 26, 1991
Alway, Robert Siebe and Griffith, Holly Lyn Weddings August 15, 1997
Alway, Robert Siebe and Wade, Rebecca Sue Weddings January 30, 2007
Amburgey, Tim and Claire, Theresa Weddings August 10, 1993
Ameluxen, Thomas Gregory and Gancarz, Jacqueline Kathryn Weddings September 17, 1987
Anders, Paul III and Lundberg, Jennifer Ann Weddings July 29, 1995
Anders, Paul III and Lundberg, Jennifer Ann Weddings October 17, 1995
Andersen, Brian Lee and Knizacky, Bethany Lynn Weddings February 17, 2004
Anderson, Arnie and Maleckas, Deborah Weddings August 8, 1998
Anderson, Arthur LeRoy and Anders, Emma Jean Weddings September 12, 1950
Anderson, August F. and Lindstrom, Charlotte Weddings March 4, 1886
Anderson, Chad and Zygadlo, Carrie Weddings May 31, 2005
Anderson, Daniel and Visscher, Virginia Weddings November 26, 1988
Anderson, David Lawrence and Nowak, Gail Marie Weddings August 5, 1988
Anderson, Dennis Duane and Dreffs, Julie Ann Weddings January 12, 1970
Anderson, Gilbert Eugene and Loe, Adrian Jane Weddings May 11, 1950
Anderson, Gordon Russell and Patterson, Michelle Louise Weddings April 24, 1990
Anderson, Joe W. and Anderson, Mrs. E.T. (Ricky) Weddings January 23, 1970
Anderson, John and Johnson, Lena Weddings March 4, 1886
Anderson, Lawrence J. and Nickelson, Jeanie M. Weddings April 19, 1994
Anderson, Lee Harold and James, Julie (Bree) Weddings February 1, 2005
Anderson, Louie and Peterson, Rose Weddings December 28, 1893
Anderson, Marvin D. and McQueen, Kathryn M. Weddings May 16, 1997
Anderson, Matthew Lee an Kruska, Lindsay Anne Weddings June 5, 2012
Anderson, Michael and Russell, Brooke Weddings July 24, 1999 and September 21, 1999
Anderson, Robert John and Althaus, Heidi Lee Weddings October 9, 2007
Anderson, Ronal Lee and Schroeder, Kristy Lynn Weddings July 25, 2006
Anderson, Roy and Davidson, Peggy Weddings July 3, 1990
Anderson, Steven and Vaclavik, Janelle Weddings January 5, 1993
Anderson, Thomas E. and Landin, Jacqueline Weddings October 1, 1988
Anderson, Thomas M. and Swanson, Sharon Weddings January 17, 1971
Anderson, Ty William and Neuman, Beth Marie Weddings 1984
Andrews, Avery Todd and Bradshaw, Cindy Diane Weddings August 13, 1987
Anible, Craig and Schilling, Jennifer Weddings November 9, 1999
Anthony, David James and Mullin, Michelle Beth Weddings January 21, 1987
Arce, Andrew J. and GeBott, Heather G. Weddings July 24, 2001
Archer, James Douglas and Ebey, Alice Roberta Weddings January 15, 1970
Arent, James W. and Fleser, Jean Ann Weddings July 6, 1984
Argue, Robert Charles and Kokx, Michelle Rae Weddings November 9, 1993
Ariss, Austin and Pierce, Harriet White Weddings August 8, 1989
Armstrong, Stan L. and Hamiliton (Christensen), Christine K. Weddings August 1991
Arnold, Brad and Tyndall, Amy E. Weddings August 22, 1989
Arthur, Asa S. and Mallory, Ella D. Weddings March 4, 1886
Ashbacker, Frank Richard and Krause, Carole B. Weddings March 6, 1950
Ashbacker, Frank Richard and Krause, Carole B. Weddings March 6, 1950
Ashbacker, Richard L. Capt. and Haas, Maryann Weddings April 15, 1988
Asplund, Howard A. and Johnson, Viola Weddings November 12, 1927
Assise, Ron and Cater, Cheryl Weddings July 5, 1989
Austin, Daniel Lee and Rogers, Nicole Lynn Weddings October 9, 2007
Austin, Gabe and Hibschman, Heidi Weddings July 24, 1999 and October 5, 1999
Austin, Jerome A. and Foster, Lori Lyn Weddings November 9, 1993
Austin, Michael David and Iteen, Christina Marie Weddings September 6, 1997
Austin, Michael Joh and VandenHeuval, Molly Jo Weddings August 17, 1993
Austin, Richard Allen and Rhinebolt, Susanna Rae Weddings
Austin, Richard Allen and Rhinebolt, Susanna Rae Weddings February 18, 1992

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