Category: Archive -> Document Boxes  
Donor: Herman Outcult
Location: Admissions -> Research Library -> Document Boxes  
Accession Number: 2007.295.11  
Name of Object: 1 of Many letters from Henry Outcalt to his mother, Mrs. J. H. (Alice) Outcalt, R.R.2, Ludington, Mich. USA  
Description: 4 1/2 x 3 1/2, censor signature lower left, Feb. 21 post mark, ink written, Feb. 11, 1918 on letter. 2 pages folded in half, purple tissue, lined envelope - Folder: Outcalt  
History: Henry Outcalt was the father of the donor, Herman. Letters sent during WWI. Nov. 1917 and for a 14 month period of time. Henry Outcalt was born Nov. 12, 1891. Wounded in action in France. Stayed there for the duration of the war. Came home and spent  
Year Manufactured: 0000