Category: Archives -> Newspaper Articles  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Gallery -> Binder Wall -> Albums of Newspaper Articles 
“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--January 31, 1884  
Accession Number: 2021.2533.672  
Name of Object: "Another Batch 'O Batches"  
Description: E.H.Day; Dr. C.K. Merriam; Samuel Snow; John Sherman; Frank Ewing; Charles Neithorpe; E.D. Lee; Frank A. Foster; Will Shaw; Henry Crawford; William B. Cole, Jr.; Joseph Lohner; Frank Kuhli; E.D. Edwards; Dr. M.A. Carroll; Thomas J. Williams; James O. Callahan; H.N. Andrew: George McConnell; Elmer E. Stanton; Herman Wanderer; Michael Neiland; George Surplice; Thomas E. Davis; John M. Davis; Eddie C. Foster; Henry Huston  
Year Manufactured: 0000