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Location: Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--April 11, 1980  
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Name of Object: "Need Location Help On 'Ghost' Post Offices"  
Description: Abbott Post Office; James E. Baker; Branch Post Office; Edward L. Baldwin; Owen Neal; William Butters; James Lyon; Chapple Corners Post Office; Edmond C. Chambers; Egypt Post Office; Frederick King; Fairview Post Office; William Quevillion; William Woodward; Charles Sawyer; Lorenzo Thornton; Fern Post Office; Carrie S. Adams; Perry Van Deventer; Henry Kline; Charles Gleason; Charles Hoffman; Greenwood to Colfax; George MdInnis; Reuben E. Smith; Gurnee Post Office; Horace Butters; Indian Town to E. Riverton; Samuel Hull; M.D. Hull; John Griffin; LaCarp Post Office; William Barnhart; Little Sable Post Office; Charles Mears; Lincoln Post Office; George B. Elms; Point Sable Post Office; William Miller; John R. Cook; Marble Post Office; John B. Marsh; John B. Tracy; Samuel Noyes; Paulsen Post Office; Rasmus Lykkeby; Ken Pedersin; Pere Marquette Post Office; George W. Ford; David Holmes; John Sedan; Ephram Wildreth; Riverton Post Office; John Satzgooden; Lucius Hawley; Oscar Compton; James Wilson; Rufus Pandy; John Wellsen; Solomon Sills; Ebenezer Hamers; Siddons Post Office; Will Freeman Wesley S. Bosley; Charles W. Jones; George W. Clark; Nathan Sayles; Edward D. Rowley; Squireville Post Office; Emma M. Squire; Sugar Grove Post Office; Stephen Darke; James R. Barnes; Weldon Creek Post Office; John J. Gelding; Will Neilan; Wesley Post Office; Lewis W. Rose; Wiley Post Office; John F. Genter