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Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics 
“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--August 3, 1961  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.15  
Name of Object: "Interesting Facts about Free Soil"  
Description: Charles Freeman; S.K. Hutchinson; Elsie B. Sanford; Volney Sanford; Racheal C. Sanford; George Smith; David Smith; Horace Lorenzo Riter; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Riter; Frank Hirner; Mary Aicher; I. Darr; Max Reinsch; Darr's Corner; Orin S. Dean; Cyrus A Tobey; Harry Tobey; Arthur C. Stephens; Mrs. Frank Hunt; William Nippress; Maple Grove Cemetery; Thomas S. Stephens; Mrs. Lawrence Hill; Andrew Tobey; Sable Settlement; Dr. H.D. Robinson; E.M. Stephens; Harold Cahppel; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wildfong; L.F. Peterson; Miss Alma Porter; St, John Cantius Catholic Church; Free Soil Methodist Church ; Reorganized Latter Day Saint; Rev. Skowronski