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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--June 30, 1959  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.11  
Name of Object: "Crucial Years of Ludington Described in Early Brochure"  
Description: F.J. Dowland; Pere Marquette Lumber Co.; H.L. Williams; A.E. Cartier; J.E. Danaher; M.F. butters; Thomas Percy; Salt King; Ludington Milling Co.; D.W. Goodenough; Ludington Iron Works; George Goodsell; Ludington Bsuekt Works; W.A. Wheatley; Pere Marquette Cannery; H.O. Haff; Chalres Street Planin Mill; Tiedemann & Unders; Agens Planning Mill, M.A. Agens; B.J. Goodsell; O.J. Wilcox; Sherman Brothers; Frank Svoboda; O. Bratland & Son; O.J. Wangen; Double Brick Store; Busy Big Store; Wm. Heysett; P.H. McGhan; H.C. Hanson; F.C. Silver' Charles Boerner; T. James Moran; Gary & Forsling; Jacobson's Clothing and Dry Goods; N. Peterson; J.H. Britton; Ashbacker & Grant; D. Seeba; R.P. Bishop; James B. McMahon: First National Bank; Commercial & Savign s Bank; George N. Stray; W.L. Hammond; Epworth Assembly