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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album-November 1, 1956  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4806  
Name of Object: "40 Men Cling to Rigging of Grounded Schooner"  
Description: schooner J.H. Rutter; J.H. "Sockless Jerry" Simpson; Point Sable Lifesaving Station; John Rubier; Capt. "Shanty" Morgan; George Morgan; James Morgan; Peter Paasch; Wallace Schackleton; tug The Margaret; Capt. Robert Caswell; steamer DePeer; Andrew W. Newberg; John. Hounsell; D. Abair; Capt. Amos Breinig; tug Col. Graham; Capt. Hendrick; Capt. Sterling; Duncan Dewar; Capt. Kendrick