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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--June 17, 1949  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4242  
Name of Object: "Early History of Ludington Is told in Interesting Papers"  
Description: James Ludington; Sawdust Avenue; Pere Marquette Lumber Company; D.L. Filer; Big Store; H.N. Morse; Busy Big Store; Mrs. J.W. Stanford; Mammoth Store; Mammoth Variety Store; Mason County Record; L.H. Foster; Davis Olney; Jim Schick; Jacob Staffon; Ella Callahan; Tier Williams; Minnie Hatch Weimer; Phoebe Fogg Gillette; Hattie Salisbury; Reta Caswell Hughes; Park Shelly; Will Shelly; Mrs. F. J. Dowland; Eugene Rohn; Lotsey Abair; John Schick; F.B. Pierce; James Allen; Rye & Adams; Montgomery Ward; Dewar and Currie; E.A. Foster; Robert Rohr; Mrs. Elizabeth Goulet; Ed Stanchfield; A.W. Church; A.E. Cartier; John Sniegowski; D.C. Pelton; Miss Louise Saeger; Allie Foster Gary; Annie Laura Smith; Rev. Hill; Eugene Allens; Fanny Allen; Auntie Hutchins; Lizzie Smith; Gus Woodward; J.D. Hoogstraat; T.R. Lyon; Charles Boerner; Paulina Stearns Hospital; P.M. Danaher; F.B. Pierce; Pop Shop; Capt. E.B. Ward; Charles W. Dahn; Cora B. Harvey; Filer House; Knights of Honor; Fred Gulembo; Maggie Gulenbo; Maggie Jensen LaBonte; Marshall Smith; Lincoln Village; Bert McGloughlin  
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