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Location: Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4157  
Name of Object: "Ludington Public Schools: Complete History from their Organization Down to the Present Time" (Second third of students--Classes 1884 - 1891)  
Description: Sketches: Central School; Longfellow School— CLASS OF 1884: Ida Fay Hopkins; Ida Belle Patterson-Aubrey; Margaret Barbara Rohrig-Ungers; Frank Ellis Tolles; CLASS OF 1885: Stella Becton Mills-Auston; George Edward Carroll; Robert Chester Dundass; Alice A. Goodsell-Ackersville; Cecelia Hannah Schick; Edward Fleury-LeGenger; Harry A. Starr; Hannah A. Mendelson; Clara Rohrig; Albertine Lessard-Langlois; CLASS OF 1886: Stella Becton Mills-Austin; George Edward Carroll; Robert Chester Dundass; Alice A. Goodsell-Ackerville; Cecelia Hanna Schlick; Edward Freury LeGender; CLASS OF 1887: Harry A. Starr; Hannah A. Mendelson; Clara Rohrig; Albertina Lessard-Langlois; CLASS OF 1888: Blanche Armstrong-Hudson; Jessie M. Williams-Heysett; Rosalund Cotton-Fiske; Helena Danaher; Jennie E. LeGender; Louise M. Ramsbeck; Medora A. Burgess-Williams; Edith M. Hall; Bertha M. Coburn; Estella C. Mero; Harry F. Johnson; Georgia Beldeu-Tyler; Edward Ungers; Daisy M. Graves-Adams; E. Wm. Heysett; George A. Schick; CLASS OF 1889: Mary McKenzie; Effie Alexander-Danaher; Eugene Woodruff; Matie Moulton-Brewer; Nora Tangney-Sterling; CLASS OF 1890: Netta Anderson; Will Dowland; Belle Coburn-Mercer; Dominic S. McDonald; CLASS OF 1891: Francis Hopkins; D. Patterson-Rohn; Anna Butler; Bessie Taylor; Louise Jagger; Eleanor Goodenough-Gray; Ralph Elsworth; Luman Goodenough; Anna Beattie-Cazier; Grace McConaughy-Campbelll; Mary Johnson