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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--May 6, 1944  
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Name of Object: "History of Scottville: Agricultural Center of Mason County Traces Its Development from 1860 When First Loghouses Were Built"  
Description: Photos: Scottville in early days; former Scottville School-- Chinnery rollway; Mustard & Winters sawmill; Scottville Lumber Co.; Sweetland; Harry Melson; H. Schulte; C.W. Jones; J.C. Mustard; James Sweetalnd; Winters family; Jordan; Scottville Savings Bank; John Tracy; C.F. Schumacker; Miss Sarah Turner: Union Church; Andre Hotel; James Neil; Gus Andre Sr.; H.E. Simmons grist mill; S. Lattin; Mason Advocate; J. Bryant; Mason County Enterprise; Ludington Daily News; Mason County press; C.W. MacPhail; J.N Mack; W.R. Roach & Co.; George Reader; Dr. W.C. Martin; A.R. Siegal; Stearns; Talcott Reader; Fred J. Reader; William Rowe; Dr. E.P. Thomas; C.F. Meads; E.L. Cole; William Wager; E.M. Briggs; E.J. Quirk; M.P. Danaher; S.M Smythe; H.E. Lattin; S.M. Symthe; F.B. Olney; Frank Aubrey; C.E. Mustard; E.E. Kobe; Charles Blain; T.D. Smith; R. Vogel; Newberry Gordon; N.G. Sayles; E.W. Loomis; Falconer family; Hiram E. Scott; Mason Center; William Tifts; Fred Fairbanks; Dr. Orin Eaton; Charles Young; James Snell; William Landon; J. Bolton; W. Conrow; William Garlock; Charles Barclay; C.B Clay; Isaac Chinnery; Jospeh Hubbard; William Carter; Andrew Neil; Eli La Pointe; Samuel Greenway; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hunt; Dr. I.I. Hunt; Stephan Darke Sr.; Lawrence Mattix  
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