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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--January 13, 1937  
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Name of Object: "Here's How Mason County and Ludington Grew Up"  
Description: Photo: Burr Caswell house-- Mrs. Nettie Ossenheimer; Mrs. Nettie Laude; Mrs. Raymond Harmon; Mrs. Menno Shrader; Mrs. Chesley Anthony; John Paassch; Sidney R. Caswell; Charles Caswell; Father Jacques Marquette; William Quevillion; Buttersville; Sog-e-maw; Ottawas; Mrs. Adam Patterson; E.C. Rohn; George Patterson; Mrs. Bert Gerard; Charles Crowthers; George Beckman; Charles Mears; David A. Melendy; James Ludington; Charles Resseguie; Pere Marquette Lumber Co.; Danaher & Melendy mill; George W. Roby Lumber Co.; Foster and Stanchfield mill; Butters & Peters mill; North mill; South mill; Cartier & Filer mill; Morton Salt Co.  
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