Category: Archive -> Mason Memories  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Admissions -> Research Library -> Mason Memories Volume 1 - Summer 1975 - p. 7-8  
Accession Number: 1000.0.21048  
Name of Object: Mason Memories -- 'This'n That' about Meade Township by Helen Bartlett  
Description: Mrs. Merle Flickinger; Manistee and Grand Rapids Railway; Howell School; Elmton; Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker, Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McArthur; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Percival; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bittel; ; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howell; Mr. and Mrs. William Hasenback, Sr.; the Kemps; the Millers; Maule family; Genia family; the Howells; Cecil Miller; Ross Howell; Nellie McCumber; Lucille Edwards; Myrtle Howell; Wesley Hasenback; Robert Hasenback; William Hasenback; John Boomer; Filer Fiber Company; Louis Backing; Tom Morrison; Frank Morrison; Charles Mears; Pardee, Cook, and Company; George Shelly; Irving J. Howell; E.T. Quinn; Warren Cartier; Irene MacDougall; Ulysses Maule; Meade Cemetery; Pelton's Corners; Bethlehem Church; Our Saviour Lutheran Church; Swigert Company; Meadville; C.C.C. Camp