Category: Artifact -> Clothing  
Donor: Dorothy Landon
Location: Rose Hawley Museum -> Room B  
Accession Number: 2004.089.01  
Name of Object: 1870's brown plaid 3 piece dress with bustle, hat,and shawl  
Description: a) very small black lace hat, ecrue flowers around edge. black ribbon ties, black lace glowers on top with feather-like thing on top.b)36x36 ecrue in color, open lace along 2 border.c)light and dark broown jacket plaid. has red stripes through it. six buttons down front. brown in color 3 cuff at sleeve and bottom of jacket.d)skirt of brown and ecrue plaid with red stripes. opens with draw string in back. plain skirt. Overskirt of same material as the other and has 4 ruffle on bottom. button opening at back. Make shift bussel goes in back. - Box Dorothy Landon COllection  
History: Dress worn by Ellen Eryshemia Cole, Van Buren County Michigan Nov 29, 1850. Married Sterling Cole. Ellen was grandmother to Alice Hutchins Pugsley from Oceana County and great grandmother to Dorothy Pugsley, donor, of Mason County. Dress has been worn by  
Condition: Fair  
Year Manufactured: 0000