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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1908  
Accession Number: 2021.2533.1478  
Name of Object: "Mason County Becoming a Popular Speedway for Automobiles"  
Description: Photos: Cars in front of Stearns Hotel; W.A. Cartier in auto; Geo. Abair; M.F. Butters; W.E. Butters; A.E. Cartier; E.L. Cole; M.B. Danaher; Dr. O.S. Dean; Henry Eoff; H.P. Fath; M.E. Gordon; N. Gordon; H.H. Haff; W.L. Hammond; F.W. Hawley; F.H. Hoglund; Henry Huber; A.A. Keiser; E.E. Kobe; J.N. Mack; Dr. W.C. Martin ; J.P. Oberlin; B.J. Partridge; F.J. Reader; Merle Rinehart; J.S. Stearns; T.D. Smith; Geo. N. Stray; C.A. Tobey