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Location: Admissions Mason County Research Center -> Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles 
“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--August 1, 1879  
Accession Number: 2021.2533.610  
Name of Object: "Walks and Talks with the Farmers - August 1, 1879"  
Description: E.P. Bidwell; R.W, Vanortwick; Alonzo Mills; George A. Lindsy; William Warner; Stone; Kislers; M.J. French; Hiram Beebe; Shappea; Richar Purdy; Jacob Meizenhamer; L.J. Thornton; George Piper; Charles Nickerson; E. Nickerson; John Nickerson; James Dexter; G.T. McKee; Seth Rice; John Judge  
Year Manufactured: 0000