Category: Archives -> Newspaper Articles  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--October 7, 1960  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.281  
Name of Object: "Prized Photograph"  
Description: Photo: large group of people which included Capt. E.B. Ward; Frederick J. Dowland; P.M. Danaher; Col. John Mason Loomis; James Ludington; Delos L. Filer; Luther H. Foster; James Danaher; Gracie Filer; Filer House; Dr. Walter J. Hansen; Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad; Samuel Farwell; Dr. H.C. Potter; W.B. Sears; Miss Brindle; Henry Ward; Edward Augustus Foster; Emily Catalina Mitchell Dowland; George W. Clayton  
Year Manufactured: 0000