Category: Archives -> Newspaper Articles  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Binder Wall -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--September 30, 1967  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.141  
Name of Object: "Mason County Supervisors"  
Description: Photos: Mason County Supervisors-- Alex Freeman; Kine Moneypenny; James C. Oldt; Andrews Hirner; William Stokes; James H. Jones; William Darr; John M. Shoup; Phillip Bailey; J. Edwin Smith; John Pehrson; Jaspar Clark; William Reek; Joseph Voss; George Barrett; Emery Williams; E.G. Bannister; Charles Tripp; Michael McKerty; J. G. Johnson  
Year Manufactured: 0000