Category: Archives -> Newspaper Articles  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Library -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--September 30, 1967  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.136  
Name of Object: "Ludington's Mayors"  
Description: Charles E. Resseguie; Patrick M. Danaher; Delos L. Filer; Bennett J. Goodsell; Antoine E. Cartier; George N. Stray; Robert Caswell; A.E. Smith; James E. Danaher; Harry A. Scott; Thomas Percy; Fred F. Gary; Fred J. Dowland; App M. Smith; W.A. Cartier; Bennett J. Goodsell; M.B. Danaher; Frank Graham; Charles E. Cartier; William Rath; Joseph Zief; Elbert C. Hardy; A.A. Kieser; Peter Madison; H.M. Hallett; C.C. Caswell; K.L. Ashbacker; William McGuire; Enoch Anderson; M.F. Zwicki; Charles Grotemat; Edward Thompson; A.W. Hamel; H.F. King; Dan R. Rathsack; C. Evert Johnson; William A. Jefsen  
Year Manufactured: 0000