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Location: Research Library -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics 
“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--November 18, 1957  
Accession Number: 2020.2533.3  
Name of Object: "Ludington State Bank First Opened in 1901"  
Description: Charles G. Wing; Water Supply Co.; W.A. Cartier; Clyde Hagerman Sr.; S. McGreachy; W.T. Culver; William Rath; M.B. Danaher; R.P. Bishop; A.E. Cartier; Frank A. Foster; John A. Sherman; Frank W. Graham; John Magnusson; M.B. Danaher; Joseph Sahlmark; Charles Forslind; James A. Rye; Frank Washatka; R.P. Bishop; Willam Rath; Zeif Building;  
Year Manufactured: 0000