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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--September 22, 1955  
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Name of Object: "Wilson Family Is One of Earliest in County"  
Description: Photo: Herman Wilson-- John (Hub) Wilson; Mary Wilson; Benjamin Wilson; Harry Wilson; Jessie Wilson; Wilson School; Bruce Miller; Hoyt Wilson; Herman Schulte; Bertrum Schulte; Jessie Landis; Lon Wilson; Sid All; George All; Brayman's Pin Mill; Jacob Landis; T.D. Smith; Avery Benedict; Sand and Maxwell; Hans Nickleson; Ezra Barton; Ole Brenne; M & O railroad; Joanna Eastman; J.N. Mack General Store; Clinton Wood; Gottlip Beckley; Harmon Fredricks; John Woster; Sam Wooster; Fred Hansen; James Goodman; Grant Schoffner; Ed Stone; Ole Brenne; Mr. Funk; Frank Payne; Sippy famrs; Joseph Hanna; Thressa McClellan; Mamie McClellan; Philip Bailey; George Ott; Foster DePeel; Howard Shaffer; Joie Wilson; Louisa Rosell; Joanne Marlan; Gertrude Marlan; Elizabeth Ann Marlan; Charles Stickney; Jean Wilson; Catherine Wilson; Roscoe Brandt; Beverly Brandt Wyant; Janet Stickney; Cathy Wyant; Lynden Wyant  
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