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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--June 29, 1955  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4397  
Name of Object: "Story of City Is Interesting"  
Description: Pere Jacques Marquette; River of the Blackrobe; Ottawas; Pottawatomies; Nin-de-be-ka-tun-ning; Place of the skulls; Not-a-pe-ka-gon; William Quevillon; Burr Caswell; Ossawald Crumb; James Ludington; Charles Ludington; Robert Ludington; William Ludington; Lewis Ludington; Harrison Ludington; Lavinia Ludington; Emily Ludington; Delia Ludington; Loomis; Filer; Foster; Danaher; Melendy; Dowland; Charles E. Resseguie; Charles Mears; F.lint & Pere marquette Railroad; F&PM No. 1; F&PM No. 2; F&PM No. 15; Taylor Mill; channel; W.L Mercereau; Finley MacLaren; Chesapeake & Ohio; C&O; Capt. Ward; Pere Marquette Lumber Co.; Ludington Union School District No. 1; Miss Katie Mitchell; Miss Nellie Mills; Charles J., Hansen's drug store; Miss Mary Mills; Prof. John N. Foster; Longfellow School; Lakeview School; Pere Marquette School; Emerson School; Cooper; Metcalf; David A. Melendy; F.F. Hopkins; Charles E. Resseguie; W.F. Kenfield; John H.Highland; Peter Anderson; George Tripp; Fayette Johnson; LP. Southworth; Robert Davison; William Tolles; James Crowley; D. Carroll; E. Nelson Fitch  
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