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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--June 1, 1953  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4328  
Name of Object: "Many Townships Named for Civil War Heroes"  
Description: Sheridan Township; Custer Township; Eden Township; Fern; Mrs. John Haire; Haire's Landing; Jack Foster; Charles Resseguie; Marshall Brayman; Meade Township; Freesoil Township; Thomas Twining; Fountain; N.J. Bockstanz; Fred Dustin; Pere Marquette Township; Scottville; Sweetland; George Reader; Hiram Scott; H.C. Tallman; Washington Weldon; Collinsberg; Gun Lake Village; Lincoln; Hamlin; Taylorsville; Seatonville; William Tucker; Frank Morse; John Loftis  
Year Manufactured: 0000