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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--June 11, 1951  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4294  
Name of Object: "Today Marks Anniversary of Disastrous Fire Here"  
Description: H.C. general store; A. Palmiter restaurant; John Fannon saloon; Sam McKee's blacksmith shop; William Heysett drug store; W.H. Hudson paint store; Ludington Record; C.C. Ward grocery stroe; Williams & Wheeler hardware; Kuhli barbar shop; Sherman Bros. book and stationary store; Mrs. Cilley's millinery store; O.S. Stout furniture store; E. Cotton's feed store; J. Whipple barber shop; Tom Slader; C. Hudson; William Kieswalter; Barnett's Standard Oil station; J.A. Gebhart tailor shop; Temperance Hall; Kehli dressmaking shop; Mrs. F.J. Dowland millinery shop; Congregational Church; Methodist Episcopal parsonage; Disbrow's drug store; C.H. Fralick's feed store; Adam Drach Co.; Lang's grocery store; F.N Latimer drug store; F.W. Andrew Co. stationery; C. Tripp candy and fruit; N. Roussin butcher shop; F.B. Pierce Co. stationary and news; Frank Stevens; T.G. Bishop; Mrs. J. Davison; J. Bosquette market; J. Sharples shoe store; M. Zief drygoods store; F. Ohland's saloon; P. Ewing blacksmith shop; HM. Holmquist undertaking parlors; T.R. Lyon bank; H.F. Alexander's drug store; L.W. Bennett; D. Abair