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Location: Research Library -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4219  
Name of Object: "Many secret Societies: Ludington Blessed with an Abundance of Secret and Fraternal Organizations" (Second third of list)  
Description: Home Forum Benefit Order No. 338; G.F. Macklan; Mrs. Anna Hensey; A.H. Hunter; John C. Hensey; Mary E. Mitchell; Mrs. E. N. Heysett; Archibald; Addie Shaw; E.N. Dundass; H.P. Hilton; Joseph Hepburn; Knights of Honor; William Foy; George E. Tripp; Curtis A. Rohn; Henry Malliot; Foster Winey; John Phelan; H.B. Caswell; Chalres Olson; A.P. McConnell; Henry Spicer; A.E. Smith; Robert Arnott, Sr. George Goodsell; Grand Army of the Republic; Pap Williams Post No. 15 G.A. R.; Peleg Ewing; H.P. Hilton; Jeremiah Shackleton; Dr. John Woods; G.M. Chase; H.C. Ransom; Wm. H. White; H.P. Manning; A.B. Hunter; Charles Olson; G.M. Chase; Danish Aid Society; N.J. Nelson; James Johnson; Nels P. Larsen; R. Rasmussen; H.J. Christofersen; Nels Johnson; Marten Jensen; N. Christofersen; Nels Jensen; F. Christofersen; Rasmus Anderson; Pete Hansen; Hans Jensen; T. Claussen; E. Larsen; Hans Peterson; N.C. Larsen; J.P. Jensen; O. Hansen; Royal Arcanum; Grace Council No. 171; A.P. McConnell; James Murray; J.D. Harrington; O.J. Wilcox; W.A. Marshall; G.M. Chase; W.E. Armstrong; A.B. Hunter; Charles Gilbert; Foster Winey; Marcus Mussler; Rasmus Rasmussen; Joseph Stitt; Daughters of Rebecca; Melendy Hepburn; Dora Kulp; Lizzie Leet; Blanche Hepburn; Emma Baker; Carrie Hilton; Mary Jensen; Elizabeth Silver; Mary Ransom; Addie Shaw; Sarah Hunter; Mary Ashbacker; Mable Rasset; Clara Painter; Sarah Painter; Mary Sheppard; Knights of Pythias; Ludington Lodge No. 125; Fred Ashbacker; Wm. E. Straight; N. Joseph; Carl Avellis; O.W. Tripp; L.E. Andrew; Fred Silver; D.B. Seeley; H.T. Blodgett; U.S. Grant; Orville Tripp; Ladies of the Maccabees; L.O.T.M.; Mary Ransom; Anna Richardson; Lizzie Leet; Lizzie Stanton; Ella McEwen; Susan Stram; Sarah Hunter; Marion Brown; Ida Brown; Carrie Hilton; Murea Marvin; Anna J. Taylor; Sarah Doyle; Ella Hiler; Theresa Barnes; Grace T. Smith;