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Location: Research Gallery -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
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Name of Object: "Many secret Societies: Ludington Blessed with an Abundance of Secret and Fraternal Organizations" (First third of list)  
Description: Masonic Fraternity; Blue Lodge; Knights Commandery; Pere Marquette Lodge No. 299; F. & A.M.; M.D. Ewell; M.H. Coburn; H.C. Hutton; D.R. Seeley; M.L. Hudson; George N. Stray; H.S. Gray; F.W. Hawley; W.H. Straight; Chapter No. 92; Royal Arch Masons; Wim. G. Hudson; H.C. Ransom; M.L. Hudson; F.B. Olney; A.D. Woodward; J.A. Armstrong; F.P. Dunwell; George N. Stray; H.C. Hutton; James Murry; James Howe. M.; L.T. Southwirth; W.G. Hudson; P. Ewing; G.N. Stray; J.A. Armstrong; J.B. McMahon; G.P. McMahon; L.C. Waldo; A.D. Woodward; J.D. Harrington; George N. Stray; H.B. Smith; L.J Brown; M.L. Hudson; F.P. Dunwell; L.C.Waldo; H.A. Scott; F.A. Foster; H.C. Ransom; F.L. Aubrey; F.B.Olney; M.L. Hudson; H.F. Sands; Adam Drach; James Hows; Frank Foster; W.G. Hudson; E.D. Weimer; Marshall Butters; Frank Filer; W.H.Taylor; G.W. Crosby; The Odd Fellows; Crystral Lodge No. 159, I.O.O.F.; Samuel W. Frisbe; Fred Kronlin; J.H. Kulp; E. Murphy; Joseph H. Hepburn; John Munson; William Leet; A.H. Hunter; George Dodd; E.E. Murphy; H.C. Ransom; William Leet; German Aid Society; August Tiedemann; Henry Neuman; Frank Kuhli; Louis Sterling; Albert Gregory; Chalres Boerner; John Bumb; Peter Von Sprecken; T.O. Hicks; Frank Tiedemann; Frank Svoboda; Maccabees; Ludington Tent No. 198 K.O.T.M.; Thos. Thompson, Jr.; Nathan Joseph; W.P. Newton; Samuel Silvertson; William Peck; J.G. Ackersville; R.H. Elsworth; Geo. Chase; H.H. Weaver; Joh. Munson; John Boline; John Hall; E.A. Withey Independence Order of Foresters; William A. Marshall; William Miller; Jospeh Voss; C.M. Hopkins; Samuel G. Martin; John Munson; Charles Wright; Alex Turgeon; John Wright; Wm. Cheseborough; Henry Echlin; Frank Miller; Henry Eichlin; M.A. Carroll; Louis Pelletier; Sons of King Jacqua; William Cushway; Charles Cartier; George Chase; Harry Nelson; C.M. Hopkins; Malcolm Wells; Bert Case; American Federation of Labor; Fred Brown; Dun can. Stewart; Harry Shackleton; William Bice; Swedish Aid Society; A.W. Hoglund; Arveid Moberg; Alfred Carlson; Albert Boline; Herman Peterson; A. Thorbjornsen; Antonine Osen; Chalres Swanson; Gust Carlson; Nels Nord;