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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
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Name of Object: "Religious Institutions: A comprehensive Review of th Growth of These Potent Factors -- Part 3  
Description: Sketch: First Methodist Episcopal Church— Photo: Rev. S.N. Hill— First Baptist Church; James Thompson; Lydia Thompson; Julia Coffin; Edwin Andrew; Susan E. Andrew; H.N. Andrew; F.W. Andrew; Rev. H.c. Beals; Rev. E.B. Moody; Rev. Volney Powell; Rev. E.A. Mather; Rev. B.P. Hewitt; Rev. Morley; Rev. J.W. Stone; Rev. Gower; Rev. Marvin; Rev. Deland; Rev. F.L. Currey; B.Y.P.U.; Danish Evangelical Lutheran Society; F.C. Madsen; Rev. H.C. Strandskov; Rev. H.T. Peterson; J. Hansen; K.N Peterson; J. Peterson; P.E. Gothe; Rev. Nielson; Rev. R.H. Ravn; Frieden’s German Evangelical Church; Rev. F.E. Motzkus; C.F. Boehner; H. Grundermann; William Peters; Fred Eichler; William Snyder; Charles Steinger; Louis Baker; Fred Schroeder; Fourth Ward Methodist Episcopal Church; Rev. G. Daniels; Rev. H.P Rankin; Rev. John Shoup; Rev. J.A. DeGraff; E.L. Odle; Rev. A.H. Sturgis; J.F. Stovin; Mrs. Foster Winey; St. John’s Lutheran Church; German Evangelical Lutheran Church; Rev. H. Torney; Rev. Peter Karrel; Rev. Wm. Hagen; Swedish Baptist Church; Scandinavian Baptist Church; Rev. A. Karling; Rev. K. Newquist; Rev. P. Hallin; Young People’s Society; Ladies’ Society; Rev. C.A. Aldeen; Swedish Lutheran Church; Swedish Evangelical Lutheran; Rev. U. Youngsberg; Rev. I. Chileen; Rev. C.V. Vestling; Zion’s Lutheran Church; Rev. F.E. Motzkus; Ladies Auxiliary; Danish Baptist Church; Rev. C.F. Bolvig; Spiritualistic Society; Pythian; Rev. Mrs. Burland; Christian Science; Miss Treat; Polish Society; Hebrew Organization; Salvation Army  
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