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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
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Name of Object: "Religious Institutions: A comprehensive Review of th Growth of These Potent Factors -- Part 2  
Description: Sketch: First Methodist Episcopal Church— Photo: Rev. S.N. Hill— Presbyterian Church; M.D. Seeley; Wm. Campbell; H.M. Newcombe; Rev. Samuel N. Hill; F.W. Andrew; Foreign Mission Band; W.C.T.U.; Miss Fannie Allen (Latimer); Miss Carrie Sutherland; Rev. Theodore B. Marsh; Rev. W.E. Burrows; Rev. John Wood; Ladies’ Home and Foreign Missionary Society; Malcolm H. Coburn; Dr. John Wood; Catholic Society; Father Rivers; Father Takken; Rev. H.H. Meuffles; Rev. Charles L. De Cauninck; Rev. Morgan Y.P. Dempsey; Rev. L.P. Paquin; Rev. Robert Brown; Sisters of Mercy; Rev. L. Hayden; C.M.V.A.; A.C.F.A; Joseph Polish Insurance; League of Sacred Heart; Children of Mary; Sodalites of Immaculate Conception; Guardian Angels; Infant Jesus and Aloysius; Rev. J.B. Theis; Rev. J. Maher; Rev. James Lewandowski; Rev. Edward Rocette; Mrs. P.M. Danaher; Mrs. A.E. Cartier; St. Simon’s church Grace Episcopal Church; Rev. Joseph B. Pritchard; Masonic Hall; A.M. DeWar’s saloon; Martin Damar; Rev. J.U. Graff; Ralph Johnson; H.D. Chambers; Swedish Free Evangelical Church; D. Magnus; Fred Lungeran; K.Y. Blom; Rev. S. Brown; Rev. Y.A.A. Norman; Rev. John Udd; Rev. Axel Hedlund; Rev. Nels Larsen; Mr. J.P. Asplund; E. Person; John Johnson; J.G. Johnson; Gust. Oleson; Ole Asplund;  
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