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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
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Name of Object: "Religious Institutions: A comprehensive Review of th Growth of These Potent Factors -- Part 1  
Description: Sketch: First Methodist Episcopal Church— Photo: Rev. S.N. Hill— Congregational Church; S.F. White: Luther H. Foster; Joshua A. Allen; Magnus Wetterling; Levi Shackelton; Mrs. Lucy Foster; Mrs. Laura H. Foster; Mrs. Hattie R. White; Mrs. Maria F. Hutchins; Rev. E. Andrus; Rev. S.P. Barker; Delos L. Filer; Rev. J.A. VanAntwerp; Rev. H.B. Dean; Rev. Richard Lewis; Rev. Theodore B. Wilson; Rev. Russell M Keyes; Rev. I.W. McKeever; Rev. H.F. Tyler; Mrs. G.V.L. Cady; Mrs. H.L. Haskell; Mrs. J.S. Woodruff; Christian Endeavor Society; John S. Woodruff; First Methodist Church; Rev. L.M. Garlock; Rev. G.A. Phillips; Rev. H.H. Hall; Riverton; Claybanks; Rev. A. H. Gillett; Rev. Wm. Heysett; Rev. G.L. Mount; Rev. M.V. Rork; Rev. W.H. Sparling; Rev. John H. Crist; A.P. McConnell; M.A. Kniffen; T.H. Wright; J.H. Conrad; C.T. Sawyer; Thomas Ash; Rev. A.E. Ketchum; Rev. A.M. Aiken; Rev. Warren Mooney; Rev. O.B Whitmore; Rev. Hansen; Rev. J.R. Stark; Rev. George Daniels; Rev. W.J. Maybe; Rev. W.L. Laufman; Rev. Dr. Ives; Rev. L.E. Lovejoy; Epworth League; Harry Starr; Women’s Foreign Missionary Society; Dr. A.P. McConnell; Dr. E.M. Dundass; Dr. W.H. Taylor; J. Edwin Smith; W.G. Hudson; J.H. Lyons; Thos. Short; R.P. Bishop; W.A. Wheatley; M.A. Agens; S.C. Marburger; L.F. Swarthout; T.P. McMaster; Mrs. A.P. McConnell; Mrs. R.P. Bishop; Mts. D.W. Goodenough; Mrs. Thos. Short;  
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