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Location: Binder Wall -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--July 1, 1897 -- The Ludington Appeal  
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Name of Object: "Ludington Public Schools: Complete History from their Organization Down to the Present Time" (First third of students--Classes 1877 - 1883)  
Description: Sketches: Central School; Longfellow School— Union School; Miss Sarah Melendy; Miss Nellie Mills; Miss Mary Mills; John N. Foster; H.R. Pattengill; First Ward School; Lakeview School; Second Ward School; Katie Hutchins; Fourth Ward School; Pere Marquette School; Fifth Ward School; Emerson School; G.V.L. Cody; C.K. Perine; C.W Pickell; I.W. McKe; A.F. Webster; J.R. Miller; H.E.King; H.T. Blodgett; CLASS OF 1877: Laura Brown-Beckwith; Mollie Danaher-Ward; Katie Danaher; Eddie C. Foster; Cora Hatch Sweet; Lillie Taylor-Danaher; Franks C. Ewing; David Seeley; John Sherman; CLASS OF ’78: Emma Kittridge-Lange; Nellie Shackelton-Smith; Miles P. Gaudette; Jennie Stevens Hopkins; Nellie Tripp-Gibson; Tillie Voght-Frankinburg; Byron Shackelton; CLASS OF 1879: Maggie Arnott Butters; Alice Bennett Minchin; Eva Smith; Carrie Schick; Emma Burns-Hill; Jennie Paterson-Stovin; Annie Surplice-Alexander; Sarah Smith-Morse; Ella Callahan Terbush; Jennie Lewis Dean; Lillian Williams-Ewing; CLASS OF 1880: Vila Gaudette-Crosby; Nellie Paterson-Baldwin; Hattie Salisbury; Galen Merrill; Bernie Voight; Metta Weimer; Ida Packard-Seeley; Fred C. Clayton; Alfred J. McClatchie; Alfred J. McClatchie; Robert Wilson; CLASS OF 1881: Allie Foster; Louise Saeger; Gertrude Crawford-Aubrey; Maggie Stevens; Harry Newcombe; Fannie Aber-Winternute; Effie M. Abair; Kate Evans; Anna Fralick-Stawson; Eddie Voight; CLASS OF 1882: Nellie Patterson-Baldwin; CLASS OF 1883: Effie M. Abair; May Danaher; Minnie H. Fogg-Jones; Gertrude Crawford-Aubrey; Effie M. Gaylord-Huston; Bina E. Gale-Davies; Cora B. Harvey; Mike Danaher; William G. Moulton