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Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Library -> Albums of Newspaper Articles -> Albums on Topics “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--September 25, 1946  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.4117  
Name of Object: "Ludington Paper of 1881 is found by John F. Radar"  
Description: August 4, 1881; Ludington Record; Rev. S.N. Hill; Herbert Blodgett; Charles E. Storrs; C.C. Ward; Owen Jones; schooner Lillie Pratt; Capt. Sullivan; Congregational Church; William O. Albright; Rev. Taylor; Capt. H.B. Smith; Mr. Goodenough; Mr. Foley; North Mill; William & Wheeler; L.A. Smith; John. Gebhardt; D.P. Glazier; Pere Marquette Lumber Co.; R.M. Garret; Fourth Ward Bridge store; Thomas R. Lyon; George W. Roby & Co.; W.c. Starr; Dr. F.N. Latimer; Peleg Ewing; William Oakes; James A Boyd; Fralick & Hammond; James Wood; Ludington Dray and Delivery; I.H McCollum; Cartier & Filer; William G. Hudson; M. Brayman; Adam Drach & Co.; Robert P. Dundass; William Heysett; Watson Carroll; Fayette Johnson; William Surplice  
Year Manufactured: 0000