Category: Archives -> Newspaper Articles  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Admissions Mason County Research Center -> Research Library -> Albums of Newspaper Articles “Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--May 6, 1946  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.3908  
Name of Object: "Ludington Avenue Not Always Attractive Street"  
Description: James Ludington; Pere Marquette Lumber Co.; Main Street; sawdust; William Frye; Richard Rayne; Mrs. Tatmon; Mrs. Wilkins; W.H. Fox; Highland & Goodsell; Dr. Johnson; Congregational Church; Episcopalian Church; Charles Street; Danaher & Melendy; D.W. Goodenough; M.J. Cushway; Peter Mendelson; Clark clothing store; Pete Anthony; George Tripp meat market; M. Marquis; Quevillion saloon; Frank Foster; M.A. Kniffen; Mrs. McElroy; Farrell House; Filer House; DeWar double house; P.L. Cooley; Tim O'Brien building  
Year Manufactured: 0000