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“Local History, Local Authors: Anonymous Authors” Album--October 14, 1944  
Accession Number: 2019.2533.3892  
Name of Object: "History of Custer"  
Description: Pere Marquette River; Not-a-pe-ka-gon; Pottawatomies; Naw-gone-ko-ung; Good John; Burr Caswell; Ottawa; Nin-de-be-ka-tun; Sag-e-naw; Filer mill; As-saw-may-key-kick; Charles Donnora; Riverside cemetery; F. Hall; Julius Houseman; Edwin C. Comstock; Ira B. Bissell; William Metcalf; Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad; Bert Weaver; Jack Walter; Pat Coyne; H. N. Benedict; Robert Thompson; John Petoskey; Bert Fitzgerald; Dave Alexander; Bert Cox; John Kreigh; Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Dan McDonald; William Davidson; William Allen; Jack Eastman; Mat Hoey; John Phillips; Chisholm brothers; Marshall Brayman; William Connelly; John Bryant; Percy W. Neilan; Alfred Peterson; George Telford; J.H. Wilson; Issac Wood; Samuel Chisholm; Richard Percul; Dominick Howard; Ole Brene Sr.; Wallace Sanborn; Lee sanborh; Judge Henry Ranson; Thomas Golden; August Ohse; August Bertrum Sr.; James Kehoe; C. E. Resseguie; Frank Watson; Dr. L.T. Southworth; Wicks brothers; Grace Levis; Alton Hayward; Charles Reader; Skuyler brothers; Ephraim McAllister; Mr. Aldrich; Custer Manufacturing Co.; largest pin mill; Lina Myers; Albert Smith; Joseph Cushway; John C. Tracy; Archie McGugan; Allen & English mill; Forslind & Young; Ed Mitchell; Everett McGugan; Farmer Co-op; Mr. Kreider; E.R. McKenzie; HGenry Estee; Olson & Smegberg; J.B. Tracy; Fisher store; Alvin Aldrich; Chester McAllister; Orin McAllister; William Weis buidling; Abe Merefield; Ed Stocks; Ette McDonald; William Danaher; Charley Merriman; Louis Bockes; Mr. Lampman; Mike Murray; Fred Smith; John Ryan; Hulbert Gordon; George Avery; Clarrence Chancellor; J.A. Barrett; Eugene Holmes; H. Howe; H. Smwedberg & Son; Mrs. Alice Comstock; Modern Woodmen of America; Charles Donnora; St. Anthony hall; George Raegan; George D. Griswold; Supt. Walter b. Erikson; Elmer McKenzie; People's State Bank; Dr. V.J. Blanchette; Congregational Church; Mr. and Mrs. James Wick; Rev. Leander Curtiss; Charles T. Wicks; Rev. Leroy Warren; Rev. E.W. Miller; St. Mary's Catholic Church; Rev. Fr. Paquin; William Connelly; Knights of Labor; Good Templars; Modern Woodmen; Odd Fellows hall; Custer Courier; John A. Bryant; Lincoln Bryant; Independent Republican; E.C. pace; W.S. Metcalf; M.L. Wells; Custer Outlook; Dr. Kibby; Gene Cleveland; Eileen Murphy