Category: Objects -> Maritime: Objects  
Donor: Unknown
Location: Research Library -> Document Boxes -> Maritime Carferries  
Accession Number: 2016.2533.1455  
Name of Object: Maritime Carferries and History PM 18  
Description: 16 pages, typewritten. telling of the September 1910 loss of Pere Marquette 2. Survivors including Henry Jensen, Grover Cooper, James fahey, August Page, Art Preber, T.R. Decker, Roy / Leroy Anderson, Ray Bickford, Varner Charleston. Herman Memrow. 28 lost (11 from Ludington) two heroes of this day were E.R. Leedham, "went to his death knowing that death awaited" sealing himself in, fastening hatchway to keep out the seas. Simon Burke who was the last to climb aboard rescuing ship PM 17. Others lost include Walter Brown, Captain Peter Kielty, Seymour Cochrane. S.F. Sczepanek, Marian Turner - only woman aboard, last act of prayer. Moving article of the story of this lost PM 18, mystery as to her sinking.  
Year Manufactured: 0000